Bodyfence Paint Protection Film

Our new Bodyfence Paint Protection Film is based on cutting edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions such as


The film also facilitates self cleaning by preventing dirt adhering to the paint, the film is anti shock and self healing.

Should your paint become scratched, the Bodyfence protective film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water. Any scratches caused via incorrect wash technique or material, vandalism, accidental damage will disappear from the film surface.

The Bodyfence film contains an anti adhesion component, meaning dust and dirt will adhere less to the surface of the film. The film is optically clear meaning the appearance of any vehicle does not change however the paint will only be enhanced, the gloss film which is available enhances the gloss of any vehicle, it is also available in a matt finish offering the original paint colour in a matt finish but still offering the same protection as the gloss film.

A tinted protective film is available for headlights and tail lights, protecting them from stone chips, stops crazing and yellowing meaning visibility is kept at its optimum.

All of our Bodyfence protection films come with a 7 year guarantee.

We have 3 Bodyfence packages available

Part front end PPF

This includes protective film applied to


Full front end PPF

This includes protective film applied to


Full car PPF

This includes protective film applied to


We can offer bespoke packages on request