Correct care of your vehicles appearance is just as important as routine servicing in helping to maintain its residual value. Regular treatments will preserve the quality and beauty of your car’s exterior & interior. Car detailing ensures depreciation is kept to a minimum, helping your vehicle to reach its maximum resale value at time of sale, as well as making ownership a source of pride and admiration.

We use an extensive range of shampoos, cleaners, de greasers, protectants, lubricants, polishes, clay bars, coatings, waxes and sealants. Products that have been tested for their enhancement and corrective properties, the quality of the finish as well as paintwork protection performance characteristics. The different services and detailing treatments offered have been tailored for every day cars as well as high performance and prestige cars.

Our core detailing treatments consists of our Dodo Juice, Britemax and Envy Car Care products. It has always been our aim to provide high quality detailing treatments for owners wanting value for money and exceptional standards. The Britemax range delivers this in a cost effective way that makes detailing services affordable to everyone.


Bespoke Detailing

For true connoisseurs we also offer a range of bespoke detailing services that can be individually tailored to maximise your vehicle appearance.

Utilising premium waxes, sealants and coatings, including Swissvax, Gtechniq and SiRamik. Full Correction or Enhancement options can be added as required and combined with interior detailing services.

Engine Detailing

Engine bay and bonnet de greased and cleaned, with engine dressed and protected. Carbon fibre polished and protected and metal cleansed and polished.

Wheel Removal

The removal of wheels, a deep cleanse, de tarring, polish and protection of all the wheel surface. Wheels arches, braking systems and arms thoroughly cleaned and surfaces polished & protected. De tarring and cleaning under the wheel arches and braking system. With wheels tightened with the correct torque settings.

With a range of service options available from a Protection Detail to our Elite Car Detail the service time vary from 1 to 5+ days. Final pricing can only be confirmed on inspection and dependant on the level of service you require. We also offer a range of maintenance plans to preserve that perfect finish.

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