Advanced 9H Glass Coating

The latest product from CHOOSE NanoTech is their 9H glass coating: a revolutionary product that creates a superior layer on surfaces to keep them strong and shiny, just like a diamond. Also known as “Liquid Diamond”, their 9H glass coating simply transforms from a transparent liquid to a transparent 9H pencil-hardness glass film when applied on surfaces.

The film is a result of the coating’s cubic ceramic molecular matrix structure, which adds a hard cubic ceramic layer to the surface. It is easy-to-clean and is resistant to scratch, corrosion, graffiti, UV and high temperatures. It also provides a super hydrophobic effect and protects surfaces from water, dust and all other liquids without affecting the look or feel of the surface. 9H glass coating can be applied on a variety of surfaces and objects such as vehicles, building materials, electrical devices and lighting systems.


NanoX for carbody protection (12 months)

Just one application transforms all the paintwork into a shiny surface that is resistant to all weather conditions. This is a result of the ceramic molecular net of the coating that enables a strong protection and creates a surface that stays clean for a longer period.



LeatherShield for leather protection

With its coating based on ceramic molecular net, KubeBond LeatherShield protects your leather surface for a longer period with a strong protective layer that helps keep it soft, repels water and lets you maintain it effortlessly.
Surprise them with a clean, soft-touch leather seats.



Nu Interior for interior Protection

KubeBond Nu Interior coats the car’s interior plastic and rubber surfaces with a strong protective layer, as a result, of its ceramic molecular net. It leaves your interior surfaces looking brand new and shiny, and makes them just as protected as every other surface in your car that uses the KubeBond series. It works magic on the tyres too!

  • Strong protection as a result of its ceramic molecular net
  • Up to 6 months protection
  • Repels water
  • Surfaces becomes Easy-To-Clean Surface
  • Resistant to weather, UV & temperature
  • Transparent finishing



GlassShield for glass protection

GlassShield keeps glass and metal surfaces sparkling and easy to maintain. With no visible finishing after application, it’s like a protective layer that has been there all along.
But your customers will thank you when they see the effect of KubeBond GlassShield: its ceramic molecular net enables a strong protection and creates a surface that stays clean for a longer period.